Keeping Fido Fit

Is your dog a frisky, four-legged ball of zoom? Or is Fido more of a furry couch potato? Regardless of how active your dog is naturally, exercise is very important to his health and well-being. Here, a Mountain Park, GA vet offers tips on keeping your pup in shape.


Regular walks are not just important for sanitary reasons: they also help keep Fido fit and active. Most dogs need to go out at least once or twice a day. Change your route up regularly to keep things fun for your pooch.


Swimming is a wonderful way for dogs to work out. Many of our canine pals, especially Retrievers, absolutely love going swimming. Supervise Fido carefully when he’s in the water, and never leave him unattended.


It’s always good to get away for a bit, and enjoy some of Georgia’s beautiful scenery. Fido can make a great hiking buddy! Just put your pet’s safety first. Make sure your pooch is microchipped and wearing ID tags. Also, don’t let him drink ‘wild’ water and/or explore areas that may be housing wild animals.


Playing can actually be a great workout for your canine buddy. A vigorous round of Fetch will definitely burn some calories! If Fido has more energy than you do, opt for games that will have your playful pup running around while you stay still. Laser pointers are great for this!


If Fido loves running, and your vet gives the all-clear, you can take him jogging. Start slow, to build up his endurance. At first, alternate walking and running. You can then slowly increase your pet’s running time.


Not all exercises are suitable for every dog. Smaller pooches, for example, can get a workout just running around the house. They have to work hard to cover ground on those tiny legs! Brachycephalic pups, like pugs and Bulldogs, lose their breath very easily, and should never be encouraged to do anything really vigorous. Large breeds, on the other hand, are often prone to hip dysplasia, and should not jump or ‘stand’ too much, especially as puppies. Ask your vet for specific advice. Of course, no matter what type of workout Fido enjoys, don’t let him overexert himself. Also, make sure your furry friend always has plenty of water.

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