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Exercises You Can Do with Your Pet While Sheltering in Place

These days, everyone is searching for creative ways to get exercise while sheltering in place. You can go outside for a run or a bike around the block, maybe do some pushups in the house, or–if you’re lucky enough to have a pool–go swimming some laps. But that’s nothing compared to your gym, your class workouts, or the equipment that you can’t access anymore.

So what’s the next best thing? Well, working out with your pets, of course! We’re going to be honest with you, it’s a lot easier to workout with your dog than it is with your cat, but we might have a little tip for those independent furbabies as well!

5 Exercises You Can Do With Your Pets

Running – Change the boring run around the block into a fun experience with your best friend. Take fido on the run with you, see if you can keep up with him, and make something monotonous into an entertaining experience. Just make sure your dog is properly leashed!

Yoga – Here’s an exercise you can do with your dog or your cat! While they may not always be cooperative, they can be an added smile to a good stretch. Whether you use them to better your form or if they are following along, add your pet to this daily routine.

“Weight” Lifting – This one you can also use with your dog or cat. But you may only want to do it with a smaller dog. As demonstrated here, your pets could be extraordinarily happy to be incorporated into your routine.

Hiking – When you can get out of the house to parks that are practicing social distancing, hiking is a great option. Again, make sure your pup is properly leashed, strap on your hiking boots, and find a trail that you and Gus can spend some quality time surveying.

Agility Training – If you’ve never done this before, there are many online resources to learn how to do it. The point, though, is that you can set up some obstacles with any household items. By training your dog, you’ll also be jumping and climbing along with him/her. So this is a chance to get creative and get some exercise!

Any way you choose to exercise, make sure that you do. Exercise can help your mental and physical health during a time like this. And to ensure the health of your pet, remember that we are still taking appointments! We must follow certain procedures, but we are still making your pet’s health a priority. Give us a call today to find out more.

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