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Flea & Tick Season is Coming: How to Protect Your Family Pets

The war is on! This time of year, we’re all fighting against the pests that harass our furry friends. No matter how much you spray the yard, and prepare with flea and tick treatments, you may still find a flea or two. It happens to everyone. So, we would like to help you, by giving you a few other tips and tricks to exterminate every last one.

Three Actions to Take Against Fleas and Ticks this Summer

Rather than take actions against, it’s best for you to take pre-action against. There are three things you can do to prevent fleas and ticks from ever reaching your family pet:

  1. The first line of defense is to ensure your yard is flea and tick free. We suggest having a professional spray your yard with non-toxic chemicals. A professional will make sure every inch of your outdoor space is covered, and the non-toxic chemicals will keep it safe for you and your furbabies when spending time in the yard.
  2. Next, you’ll want to ensure the main living space for your pet is also free of fleas and ticks. Yes, you’ll need to make sure the house is clean. Your home may not necessarily be dirty, however, flea eggs can live deep in carpets and other fibrous materials. As the season nears, make sure you do some deep vacuuming and wash all blankets, rugs, and sheets.
  3. Probably the most obvious, but sometimes we get behind on it. Make sure you give your pets a flea and tick preventative before the season hits. This will ensure that even if there are fleas and ticks in the environment, your furbabies will already be armed. We highly recommend Bravecto or Capstar, and you can get it right here in our office.

Did You Forget to Take Preventative Measures for Flea and Tick Season?

It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. If you find the little buggers hopping around, there’s a few things you can do. First, bathing your pets with flea and tick shampoo will kill any infestation currently happening on your pet. Second, there are several different options for bombs and cleaners that you can use on your house. And, it’s never too late to call the exterminator, for indoors or out. As long as you act fast, any situation is salvageable.

Want to learn more about how you can prevent fleas and ticks this season? Feel free to contact our office anytime. And if you need help with flea and tick baths, we have groomers on site. If nothing else, just come on by and get a check-up for your family pet. Make an appointment today.

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