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Microchipping Your Pet: Why They Need It and How To Get It

Microchipping is the practice of implanting an identifying integrated circuit under the skin of your pet that will identify them in the unfortunate event that he/she gets lost. The chip, itself, is very small at about ½ inch long and 2mm in diameter.[1] These chips use a technology known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to track objects, or in this case, pets that have the chip inserted. They are inserted just under the skin and are cased in safe materials that do not cause discomfort for your pet.

The practice of microchipping started to appear more frequently in 1996. This is when organizations began to standardize the tracking and scanning practice. It eventually became a standard practice to help with recovering lost pets and decrease population in animal shelters. Today it is highly recommended by vets (and, yes we highly recommend it), to help with the safety and care of your family pets.

Top Reasons to Have Your Pet Microchipped

  1. Recovery of a lost pet – the number one reason to get a microchip for your pet is to recover him/her if they should go missing. The technology used in these chips will connect your pet with an ID registry where they can find your name and number to contact you and help reunite you with your pet.
  2. Identification when your pet’s tag is lost – microchips are forever. They will not move around under your pet’s skin, they will not deteriorate, and they will not be passed out of the system somehow. Should your pet lose an identification tag, the microchip will certainly be there as a backup.
  3. Proof of ownership of your pet – sadly, someone may find your pet and claim them as their own. It can lead to terrible arguments and difficult situations when trying to recover your pet. With a microchip, the pet’s ID number can identify you as the owner and prevent any kind of trouble or mistaken identity of the pet.

How to Get Your Pet Microchipped

Getting your pet implanted with a microchip is a very easy process. Just set up an appointment with your family vet, and indicate that you would like him/her to be microchipped. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be left with peace of mind knowing that you can find and identify your pet if something happens in the future.

As a precaution, always make sure your pets are leashed when going outside the home. Also, if you let them play freely in a fenced-in area, make sure that you check the fence on a regular basis for any holes or damage. We find that there is an increase in lost pets when celebrations such as the 4th of July happen, so be sure to take extra precautions in keeping your pets safe and well secured during those times.

If you have any questions about microchipping or would like to make an appointment to have your pet microchipped, make sure to contact us today! We are currently running a special to get your pet microchipped at 50% off! Valid through September 30.

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