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Did You Adopt a Pet Over the Holidays? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you have a new little holiday present in your house? If it’s just you and your new buddy or the family has decided to add a furbaby to the masses, having a new pet in the house requires some well-thought-out changes. Whether you decided to get a new puppy or adopt an older pet,  you’ll still need a few things to make sure your new pet enjoys their new happy home.

New Pet Space

This is a whole new experience for your pet, so creating a welcoming and inviting space will help them to get more comfortable much faster. Do you have a room or area of the house where your pet can getaway? Consider customizing that space so your pet has a safe and comfy area to slip off to when needed. Fluffy beds and toys, or maybe a cat tree and a litter box. Maybe a little cage for your rabbit or other small pet. Giving them a space all their own can be just the thing they need to understand they have just joined a loving family.

Behavioral Training

It’s a good idea to start looking into behavioral training. If you adopted a dog, you’ll want to look into nearby classes. Even if the dog is already trained, it’s a great way to bond with your dog, and make sure they can handle more social events. Especially if you plan to take the dog on walks or trips to the dog park.

If you brought a new cat or kitten home, behavioral training may sound weird, but it is absolutely a thing. Making sure that your cat has regular exercise and places to climb will keep them happy and ensure they don’t end up on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. Establish a space for their litter box, and confirm that the cat is aware of its location.

For smaller animals, just making sure to interact with them regularly and gently will help to make sure they feel safe. This will allow them to be much more social with you and any friends that are itching to pet your little furbaby.

Toys and Treats

Nothing makes us feel better than when someone brings us a present or a snack. It’s the same for your new furbaby. You can just see the excitement when you open a new package. Let them know they are loved and entertained with healthy treats (some will even brush their teeth for you!) and fun, interactive toys.

Make Plans to Visit Your Vet

Over the course of your pet’s life, they will need to visit the vet regularly. If it’s a new pet, you may need to set up several appointments for early vaccinations, while an older pet will need to visit once a year for that type of maintenance. Your vet may also include grooming services. If that’s the case, start making appointments there as well. The sooner your pet gets in and gets used to the grooming environment, the more comfortable they will be when a visit comes up.

Still Have More Questions?

Then give us a call. We have all kinds of services including grooming, vaccines, and for these new pets: microchipping! We’ll be happy to answer any questions about your new pet and any pet parenting queries you may have. And don’t forget, as a new client, your first exam is only $1! Let’s start this whole new phase of your life with this brand new bundle of fur!

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