Our Careteam

Practice Manager
Growing up in a house full of animals, Jessica always knew that she one day wanted to help pets professionally. Saving her childhood Yellow Labrador, Sadie—and nursing her back to full health after malnutrition and a serious flea infestation—only further convinced Jessica that the veterinary world was the perfect fit! She’s proud to now serve as Family Pet Hospital’s Practice Manager.

Jessica is originally from Port Huron, Michigan but moved to Georgia with her family when she was only a year old. She’s been here ever since! When she decided to enter the veterinary world, she took a chance and applied here at the clinic. Jessica joined the Family Pet Hospital team in April of 2014 as a front-desk receptionist, and was happy to take on the Practice Manager role in late 2016.

Around the hospital, Jessica enjoys the family-centered atmosphere and getting to see a variety of cases every day. She’s especially fascinated by allergy treatments! Most of all, Jessica loves to meet new pet owners and their adorable companions on a daily basis.

Away from work, Jessica loves crafting—she does painting, embroidery, calligraphy, and more!—and spending quality time with her family and pets. She and her husband, Josh, have two animal companions: a tortoiseshell cat named Dahlia who loves to be a bed hog; and Bear the Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix, a big orange ball of fluff who is still as full of energy as he was on the day he was adopted.
Veterinary Technician
Destiny has always been fascinated by medicine, and was even on her way to becoming a Registered Nurse at one time. When she took a step back and thought about it, though, she knew that something didn’t feel quite right. That’s when she realized that she wanted to put her medical skills and her knack for helping others to use in the veterinary world! Destiny hasn’t looked back since, and she’s proud to now serve as a Veterinary Technician.

Destiny is from Newnan, Georgia and was first exposed to the world of veterinary medicine by her aunt, who worked as a Veterinary Technician and manager at a pet clinic. By the time Destiny was in high school, she was shadowing other Techs and doctors at local veterinary practices. After finishing her nursing course, she turned her attention to the veterinary profession—Destiny has been caring for animals ever since.

Destiny joined the Family Pet Hospital team in May of 2016 shortly after moving to this area. Medically, she’s fond of surgical work, venipuncture, and radiology. Most of all, she loves to meet and greet the area’s pet owners on a daily basis and act as an advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves.

When she’s not at work, Destiny can be found doting on her own animal companions at home. She has two dogs—Malloy, a Dutch Shepherd mix whose favorite things are tennis balls, car rides, and spying on the neighbors; and a Siberian Husky named Riley who insists on being a lapdog despite weighing 65 pounds—as well as a food-obsessed cat who goes by Odin.
Watching her childhood Chocolate Labrador suffer from the painful twinges of arthritis made a permanent impression on Christine. For her, being a part of the solution for other pets’ healthcare is a dream come true! She loves getting to know the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the Family Pet Hospital front-desk team.

Christine is a Georgia native and attended Kennesaw State University for her collegiate studies. After school, she joined the team here at Family Pet Hospital and has been caring for the area’s four-legged companions since the summer of 2017. Christine’s favorite part of her job is forming lasting bonds with pet owners over time; she loves getting to know pets and owners on a personal level!

When she’s not at work, Christine enjoys watching movies and hiking in the great outdoors.
Kennel Technician
Alie’s own pets at home show her firsthand the companionship, loyalty, and love that our animal friends provide. She gets to help nurture those bonds for other families by working in the veterinary field! Alie is thrilled to launch her journey in animal care right here at Family Pet Hospital.

Alie moved with her family to Georgia from Texas when she was only six years old. She’s been here ever since! She was thrilled to join the Family Pet Hospital team in August of 2017 as a Kennel Technician, and continues to soak up more and more knowledge on a daily basis. Alie even helps the Veterinary Technicians with hands-on pet care, and hopes to work her way up into a Tech position herself in the near future.

Around the hospital, Alie enjoys administering medication and comforting pets while they’re receiving vaccinations or veterinary exams. Her favorite part of the job is getting to meet a wide variety of canine personalities every day—she’s found that dogs are just as diverse as people, and getting to witness those differences up-close is truly enlightening!

Most of Alie’s free time away from the clinic is spent with her family and pets at home. She shares her life with four dogs: Cody, a miniature Australian Shepherd with plenty of sass; food-obsessed Timber who is the couch potato of the group; the mischievous Iris, who likes to protect the family from the stray cats that occasionally come around the house; and a teacup Chihuahua named Daisia whose personality is as large as a Great Dane’s.