Our Veterinarians

Dr. Gerald Skees
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Gerald Skees recalls chatting with his father about the future after he had finished up his time in the United States Army. Dr. Skees’s father told him that he himself had always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, and he asked his son if he had ever considered the profession. That conversation set in motion a journey that continues to this day—Dr. Skees has been helping pets and their owners as a veterinarian for more than 43 years!

Dr. Skees is originally from Colorado. After his time in the armed forces, he headed off to veterinary school at Colorado State College to launch his journey in pet care. He purchased a mobile veterinary unit when he was only a freshman, and continued to buy equipment piecemeal every month when his G.I. check came in the mail. By the time Dr. Skees graduated from veterinary school, he was operating a fully stocked and functioning miniature veterinary clinic out of the back of his pickup truck!

For several years, Dr. Skees operated out of the bunk house on his family’s ranch, as well as a in a mobile home he had purchased and remodeled into a veterinary clinic with the help of his father. Finally, he was able to build a facility and run his own mixed-animal practice until relocating to Georgia in late 2000, when he opened Family Pet Hospital in Woodstock. Dr. Skees has been helping the area’s pets and animal parents here ever since!

Away from the office, Dr. Skees enjoys shooting 3-D targets with his bow to prepare for various Archery Shooter’s Association tournaments. At home, he and his wife are empty-nesters and share their lives with several pets. They have a cat, John Wick, so named because he was adopted to get rid of rats in the garage, as well as four dogs: twin Yorkshire Terriers named Abby and Austin; an aging Welch Terrier named Dallas; and a rambunctious Airedale Terrier who goes by Gunner.