What To Expect


At Family Pet Hospital, we believe you should always expect high quality care as well as great service from your furry family member’s doctor. To that end, we’ve worked hard to assemble a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional client service and outstanding animal health care. We pledge to continue to offer world-class service at our state-of-the-art facility, delivered by a team who loves your companion as much as you do.

Your Pet’s First Visit

When you first arrive at our hospital for an appointment, you and your pet will be greeted warmly by our friendly receptionist. You will also receive a form to fill out with all relevant information that we will enter into our system. This will enable us to better serve you and your pet and provide the highest degree of customized care. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to your pet’s first appointment so you’ll have ample time to complete this paperwork. If you’d like to expedite this process, you may download and complete the form in advance by clicking here.

Once you’ve been set up in our system, your pet will be weighed and you’ll be escorted into one of our spacious, modern exam rooms. There, one of our experienced technicians may speak with you and gather additional pertinent information before the doctor arrives to examine your pet. Every office visit, regardless of specific reason, includes a comprehensive, nose-to-tail physical exam. This ensures that every patient we serve receives the most complete and appropriate care.

Surgical Procedures

If your pet is spending the day with us for a surgical procedure, we request that you arrive between 8:05AM and 8:15AM. Please keep in mind that most surgical procedures involve some paperwork, so be sure to give yourself enough to time to complete any required forms. Prior to surgery, pets should be fasted of food and water after 6:00pm the night before the procedure. If your pet is on prescribed medication, do not administer any dosages the morning of surgery unless specifically directed to do so by the doctor.

All of our procedures are scheduled during the morning hours. A member of our team will reach out via telephone, text or email to provide an update as soon as the procedure is complete. Generally speaking, the pick-up time for routine surgeries is 4:00PM the same day.

Annual Preventative Care

At Family Pet Hospital, we believe that when it comes to helping pets enjoy long, happy and healthy lives, prevention is always the best medicine. As such, we recommend that every patient be given a thorough physical exam at least once per year. During these annual visits, the doctor will address certain topics that are important for the lifelong health of your animal companion. These visits will also likely include certain preventative measures, such a vaccinations and parasite control.

After your pet has been examined and vaccinated, a technician will perform a heartworm test and free nail trim Annual visits are the perfect time to ask questions or discuss any concerns you may have with the vet.

For more information on our wellness care and preventative medicine services, please select from the dropdown menu above. Or, give us a call and let’s discuss a plan for helping your loved one live an incredible life!